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GumGum Update V2

I got a nice email from Ari, one of the GumGum principles, yesterday thanking me for my blog post and answering each of my questions in turn.  Sounds like they have most of their bases covered when it comes to keeping the control in the hands of the photographer.  The image is actually an embedded flash file.  Right click on it and it gives you the name of the photographer, clicking on that sends you to the photographers profile page at GumGum.  Ari did tell me that they are working on a way to get a clickable web address for the photographer into the right click menu as well.  Not bad…While GumGum in it’s current iteration lacks the look and feel of a mature web-app, I’m sure this will change as time goes on.  I for one hope this takes off and gives photographers a way to escape the horrid, boring, under-paid world of micro-stock!  I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!  

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15 February 2008

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