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Beautiful Backcountry

You look down. Your skis move slowly forward, propelled by your already worked legs. The snow under your skis is softening by the minute, slowly making its solar fueled transformation from ice crytals into water droplets.

You look up. The mountains are all around you. Trees poking through the snow that surrounds rock bands. The ridgeline above you lazily droops a few small cornices. But you know they’re stable, at least for today.

You look back down. The sun sparkles off the snow and the sweat drips from your brow. This is what skiing is all about. No crowds, no lodge, no lifts and no tracks. Just a few friends and the promise of fresh turns in the softening spring snow.

You will your legs to push just a little faster. The top is getting closer.


Chair Peak Backcountry


The crater of Mt St. Helen’s in the distance

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13 March 2008

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