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So. Gina is ok. The deer is not.

On the way to work Monday morning Gina hit a deer in the Volvo. The front end of the Volvo collapsed (well anything that wasn’t attached to the frame at least) and the deer is no longer of this world. There are two very important things of note here.

1) Gina is ok. This is most important, that’s why it’s number one.

2) The car is now a project. Thankfully, the engine is untouched (mostly due to the unbelievable strength of the Volvo’s ½ steel plate that passes as a bumper) and the stuff that is broken will be not too difficult to find in scrap yards.

If anyone has a dead Volvo I am looking for:

  • One (1) right headlight and turning light.
  • One (1) front grill.
  • One (1) AC condenser.
  • One (1) radiator mount. The metal part spanning the front of the car where the radiator and AC condenser attach.
  • One (1) hood with mounts.

Anyone else wanna come work on the Volvo with me?

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24 April 2008

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