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Vegas baby.

So I’ve finally been granted permission to release the news of what I was doing in Vegas, for only a day and a half.

Firstly, it must be said that Vegas is the modern day hedonist’s dream. You are allowed, nay; encouraged, to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want and with whomever you want. I was absolutely amazed at the unbelievable breadth of the human race that is represented. Perhaps an example would serve us better.

It’s 8am, we’re going to breakfast at the hotel buffet (this was spectacular by the way, it’s no wonder America is so fat). To access the buffet though you must hike through nearly a mile of casino. In my opinion casinos are really fun places in the late hours of the night. People are dressed up, excited (especially near the craps tables) and the mood is generally that of a big party. However, casinos at 8am are a different place altogether. Grandmas and bikers ramming coins into slots. Guys hunched over drinks and cigarettes at a poker table (where they’ve obviously camped for at least the last 8-12 hours) and the ubiquitous lost girl still in her party clothes from the night before, carrying her shoes in one hand and drink in the other (trying to help her forget where she stayed the night before). We round a corner and I’m confronted by the sight of one aforementioned grandma, one biker, two Latin-American teenagers in full street gear (beaters, bandannas, really long chains, etc.) and 2 guys in dark suits with very dark bags under their eyes all jumping around celebrating a big win for granny on the 50cent slot machine she’s been sitting at since probably 5:45am.

Vegas baby.

To the point young sir. Yes, hear hear. The reason that Gina and I flew to Vegas on a Friday night and home again on a Sunday afternoon was to serve as the witnesses for Michael and Anna-Lee. Michael (Irish) and Anna-Lee (Swedish) eloped in Vegas, and we were the only other people at the Wedding Bells Chapel on that lovely Saturday evening. The 5 minute services was followed directly by dinner in AlizĂ©. The super posh restaurant that tops the Palms Hotel and Casino. Divine meal; 5 course chef’s tasting menu with wine parings to boot. Not a meal that I will soon forget. Then to the Wynn to blow some money. Well, that was the idea. There is something about a girl in a wedding dress that gets people excited; and in Vegas, when people get excited, people start getting generous. That’s why they use chips after all. It’s easier to give away a $50 chip then a $50 bill. Something about it not seeming like real money I’d guess. Anna-Lee and the rest of us proceeded to get a tutorial in craps from a couple that spends 25-30 weekends a year in Vegas. Awesome, these guys know what they’re doing. While no real money was won, I think the losing was at least limited by the generosity of said couple feeding chips to Anna-Lee, and drinks to the rest of us. Gina and I were like little kids in the adult club. Standing just back from the table watching all the excitement, wondering when we’d be old enough to throw our money away as fast as we could. Quite an evening.

Here are a few photos from the weekend. Oh, and the youTube video of the ceremony.

The youTube Video:

Anna-Lee and Michael in Vegas

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05 May 2008

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