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Hiatus, Paddy Casey and Bell X1

Since I know almost no one reads this thing it’s easier for me to abandon it for periods of time. Still, since a few people do read it (I think), I’m sorry for my short hiatus. I’ve been a bit swamped with two new bikes (one is Gina’s one is for me, and anyways remember the formula: x=n+1; where x = the number of bikes you should own and n = the number of bikes you currently own) and trying to get the parts sorted for the Volvo rebuild. Which, I am happy to report is going well. I found a junkyard about 10 minutes from us that has two 1988 240’s that are both blue and both have lovely front ends. Maybe I’ll get it together and post a few photos of the damage and the rebuilding for all to see, until then just imagine it, it’ll help you exercise that lost childhood capacity for make-believe.

We had Máire, from Ireland, in town for the weekend. She’s on the beginnings of a round the world trip that ends with a job in Australia (maybe forever?!) We also somehow managed to get Orla down from DC (another Irish lady) for at least one day. It was nice to have some much Irish around for the weekend, and to top it all off, we headed to Charleston WV for NPR’s Mountain Stage. Paddy Casey and Bell X1 were two of the five acts on last Sunday night. Who knew. Two Irish groups in one night, in the middle of nowhere in WV! Both played immaculately and the other groups were actually quite good too, though, Chris Thile’s hair is a little over the top. I guess his super-sonic mandolin playing made up for the slightly metro hair.

On the drive up Máire was teaching Claire a few phrases in Irish (the language, Gaelic to some) and what do you know, after the show, Paddy Casey is walking out for a smoke and Claire spins around and yells, “Tá tú go h álainn!”, which means “You’re lovely!”, tainted with a slightly Germanic accent (must be her last name…). Paddy wheels around, looks horribly confused and then laughs. Nice bloke, he talked with us for a while and even let Claire try out her broken, newly learned Irish phrases. I think that the only regret of the night was not being able to stay in Charleston and hang out with Paddy and Bell X1…well, at least can pretend that it would’ve happened.

Continuing with the trend, Lucy (from Dublin) will be here this weekend for the next week and a half! Can’t wait to see her, it’ll be nice to have a little more than a weekend to cram everything into. I know Gina is looking forward to it as well.

Apologies for the somewhat dry, boring and blow by blow-ness of this post but screw you. I do what I want. More later.

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20 May 2008

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