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Verizon needs more punishment like this!

Those of you who know me have probably heard me rant about Verizon. I have much to rant about when it comes to the worst damn wireless carrier in the US. People are going to be defensive here. Especially those living the Southeast, where Verizon’s coverage is better than any other carriers. I think that this defense is just a mask for your fear that if you look deep inside and ask yourself “What has Verizon ever done for me?” You’ll find that, other than providing the service (most of the time) that you are paying dearly for, they’ve done nothing. Their customer service sucks, they’re retail stores are terrible, the website is annoying to navigate and (probably worst of all) they deliberately cripple the phones that operate on their network. Bluetooth? Yeah my phone has it, but all it can do is see Verizon approved headsets. Want to sync your contacts to your bluetooth enabled computer? Fat chance. And any company that operates by locking you into a two year contract so that you can’t switch to a competing good or service, without a hefty charge, should be ashamed of themselves. If their product or service isn’t good enough on it’s own then they have no reason to be in business.

In fact, the only thing that Verizon seems to do very well is bitch and moan to the government about not opening up the regulations that would force them to actually compete. “Oh no, but Senator, we can’t be expected to keep up with other companies, we have too much invested.” What a bunch of f*$king morons running that outfit.

Well now that I’m done ranting I can get to my point. It makes me very happy when I see that other people share in my hatred of Verizon. I feel, at least a little, vindicated in all my anger. A friend sent this image to me the other day. I think that you’ll agree it is beautiful.

I don’t know who Randall Patrick Munroe is, or where he lives, but I’d like to thank him. And if I ever chance to meet him, I’d like to buy him a beer. We should all be trying to punish companies that suck. The Verizon’s of the world have numbered days.

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21 May 2008

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