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Well played

So I recently discovered Wx through a post by John Gruber on DNS lookups. Funny roundabout way to find out about a really sweet weather tracking app but hey….whachya gonna do?

Wx is a mac app that tracks up to 20 different weather points, complete with radar and the works, it is amazing. Many thanks go to Craig Hunter the developer.

I was loading it with weather stations this morning and I noticed that there is a menu option to email the developer:

Wx menu

What a cool idea. And what a way to really take ownership of an app. I guess in Craig’s case, being the sole developer, it makes perfect sense but for any small group developing apps (desktop or web) I’d love to see the same degree of openness and ownership. Give the users an easy way to yell in your ear, good or bad.

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06 June 2008

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