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Are we spoiled by the internet?

Is it just me? Or do other people get annoyed at how poorly most of the world works?

I am part owner of a couple of rental houses here in Blacksburg. As part of that we have to pay mortgages, pay insurance, pay home owners association dues, pay bills and sometimes we even have to collect rent too! Of all the managerial tasks that must be done each month, only one of them can be accomplished online. One of the two mortgages can be paid online with a credit card. And it’s even the smaller of the two mortgage companies. The big one, who is also a huge bank and provides merchant services to a huge portion of the businesses out there, can’t accept credit cards. Only snail mail checks, and ACH (electronic checks) for a fee. A fee?!! Are you kidding me? No? You’re not? Ok, I’ll continue wasting paper, paying 42 cents and risking a check stolen each month.

Are we becoming spoiled as consumers? Has the internet’s cadre of small companies made the world of commerce too easy? Is it too much to ask that companies function well, with a human face? Or is it just me, am I just incredibly inpatient with corporate bureaucracy?

I think that Gina and I moving to Italy is going to be scary…

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14 July 2008

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