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Blue Ridge Mountain Sports

So I received an email from a friend recently that informed me that the newest Blue Ridge Mountain Sports catalog uses one of my photos. Only problem, it’s not credited to me, it’s credited to someone else. This was news to me. Which is not normally what you want when you have photos published. Problem is, I can’t get my hands on one of the catalogs. There isn’t a BRMS in Blacksburg. I’ve tried looking on their site for a “Request a Catalog” button to no avail. What a pain! Anyone out there have a BRMS nearby that wants to burn 42 cents and mail me a catalog so that I have the evidence to build my case for payment?!

[Update] :

If you look at the comments of this post, you’ll notice an example of good customer service.  I talked with Kurt yesterday and he was all help.  Seth Godin had a great post recently about how small companies need to be better, and BRMS is certainly on the right track.  Thanks Kurt.

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16 July 2008

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