jeff gardner.

Dear faceless form field,

I find it hard to fill you in, I must admit.  Perhaps it is because I, as a human being, feel that my words are useless if there is not someone there to listen.  Perhaps it is because you, as a faceless form field, do not have any qualities that I can identify with.  You lack a face, you lack a name, you lack even the basic mechanism of response to action.  You can only submit your contents into the void upon completion.  Let’s face it, that’s not much; even HAL was blessed with a persona, however cold.

Maybe one day there will be a better you, perhaps one day you will evolve.  You may even be given a name someday, by someone that cares for you, someone that loves you.  But until that day, faceless form field, I will continue to be listless in the face of your lack thereof.  And I will continue to pray to your creator that you be blessed with a face, perhaps even a name.

Tagged: rant and usability
26 August 2008

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