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IE8 beta 2

Those of you long-time readers (sorry, I can’t help but poke fun at myself) will remember an image I posted from IE8 beta 1.  The image, of Google Maps, showed that even in standards compliant mode the beta 1 release left much to be desired.

Well, 8 beta 2 came out today, and lo and behold, Google Maps works, it passes the Acid 2 test and even does a pretty good job of rendering most CSS 2 standards.  I would like to almost say good job to the boys at the big MS.  IE might finally catch up to the first release or two of Firefox 2.  Seriously though, they are coming along and I’m glad that the IE boys and girls are doing their best to bring IE up to par.

For a full browser comparison check out QuirksMode.

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28 August 2008

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