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Really bad marketing or brilliant viral video?

Well Microsoft has come out with a new ad, and this one is a little different than the Seinfeld one.  I guess it is probably easiest if you watch first and then we can discuss.


I know.  Nails on chalkboards, ball-peen to the kneecaps, or as one other blogger put it, “your teeth so on-edge that it feels like you have been rubbing a mixture of Ajax and cocaine into them for the past week. With a wire brush.”

But from an advertising perspective, is this what Microsoft wanted?  It certainly has shock value.  It is very quickly making the rounds of the blogosphere, although most posts are blasting it as simple, horribly produced and just plain bad.  But backup.  Is this what Microsoft wanted?  They have certainly made Windows 7 known and they have made it known that at PDC they will be handing out hard drives with Windows 7 installed on them.  Maybe that was all they wanted to accomplish?   

From another perspective - I would argue a more well-balanced one - this is yet another wrap on the old “hang Ballmer” noose.  Honestly, you’d not be surprised to hear that Microsoft was on a campaign to alienate all of their developers, users and employees.  Oh, wait, they are.  

Seriously though, Microsoft used to be the big kid on the block.  Anyone remember that old Simpsons episode where Bill Gates buys out Homer’s internet company "Compuglobalhypermeganet"?  Bill comes in with two hulking thugs and “buys out” Homer, breaking all his pencils and destroying his office.  Microsoft was the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  What has happened since then?  Well as they say, its better to go out with a bang than fade into the background - and Microsoft can’t even get that part correct.  They are slowly killing any and all goodwill that they had with developers, users and the general public.  Even their ad campaigns seem hell bent on making everyone just cringe and look away.  Like the guy who always gets too drunk at the Christmas party and then starts hitting on the boss' wife.  Everyone knows what happens next - but no one wants to watch, it’s just too pathetic.

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08 October 2008

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