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Too busy?

There is a point at which one becomes too busy to get everything done that one wants to.  I am there right now.  Maybe it’s just the weather that has cuased this predicament.  It has been gorgeous for a few solid weeks now - with maybe one or two days of rain.  One or two days of rain is just not enough to allow me time to do all the inside stuff that I need to do.  I go to work, I come home, and I have another full-time job worth of stuff at home that is waiting for my attention.  But when the weather is nice, I just get on my bike and go outside.  Sometimes I find myself praying for rain or freezing temperatures so that I can have an excuse to stay in and work on the towering pile that is patiently awaiting me.  Is that wrong?

What do you do when it just gets to be too much?  Pull an all nighter?  Throw a big bunch of it away and pretend it didn’t exist?  Let me know in the comments …

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16 October 2008

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