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Alpinist is gone.

Alpinist, the best climbing magazine ever produced, has gone under.  A brief statement on the website points to the current economic crisis as a factor.  I’ve read elsewhere that the relcutance to publish shit is what really drove them down.  Let’s be honest, Rock and Ice and Climbing are still in business because they publish the same reports of some 14 year old flashing some choss pile somewhere that no one cares about.  Ok, I’ll give, that may be a bit harsh, someone, somewhere, must like that crap.

Unfortunately, the main problem for Alpinist is that the advertisers that pay the bills at magazines love pointless reports and big-breasted girls climbing in jeans, sports bras and beanies.  And who has ever seen someone climbing a legitimate route in the mountains wearing a sports bra and nothing else, that’s right, you haven’t. This was the real death sentence for Alpinist, no advertisers = no money.

What about subscribers you say?  Let’s take a look at the explosion of climbing in recent years.  Sport, Bouldering, and to a increasing degree trad.  How many people jump right into suffering in the mountains.  Not many.  Not too many “climbers” these days would willingly go and subject themselves to the freezing temperatures, rockfall, avalanches or having your buddy spooning you on a ledge that is smaller than the back seat of my volvo.  “Why in God’s name would I go do all of those at once?”, most would ask.  No, there never really was a large base to pull subscribers from for Alpinist.  Especially at $12 an issue.

As a subscriber of four years, I bid you farewell Alpinist.  All of us subscribers and readers will miss you dearly.

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20 October 2008

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