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50,000 words, a new job and skiing before Thanksgiving

Yeah you could say that I’ve been busy.

Let’s start with the novel.  I posted here before say that I was taking part in NanoWriMo this year.  First off, it was great fun overall and I did finish make my 50,000 word goal by the end of the month.  Having a deadline on something as large as a novel (even a small one like 50k) is such a good thing, it forces you to just pour the words out onto the page.  No matter how bad they are, and believe me, they are bad.  Everyone writes crap for a first draft, especially under a deadline, but as many writers that chimed in on the NanoWriMo pep talks each week said, “A shitty finished novel will always beat an unfinished great novel."  I am inclined to believe them if only to stroke me ego a little.  So make your plans now, signup for NanoWriMo 2009 and write yourself a novel!

The new employment situation:  I am the new front-end web developer for Entermotion.  They are a Kansas based company that builds webpages for clients and also develops web apps under the moniker Paste Interactive.  It’s, so far, been a fantastic gig.  I am super busy day to day and I am now working from home.  It is a remote job, meaning that I can work from wherever - this is going to be pretty key for the impending move to Italy next winter.

And no, I haven’t moved to Colorado.  I’m not sure who did the snow dance so well this fall but I’ve already skiied 4 days this year.  Three at Whitegrass on the xc sticks and then yesterday at Snowshoe on the tele skis.  It’s been all beautiful snow and soft powder (east-coast style, no cold-smoke).  Here’s to the wonders of winter and the beauty of sliding down a hill really fast with sticks attached to your feet!

A few images of the xc at Whitegrass from the last few weeks for your viewing pleasure.

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08 December 2008

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