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Kutiman - musician or producer?

I don’t think that anyone can argue that this guy has talent. Sorting through all of youTube to come up with hundreds of clips and then stitching them together to create an entirely new tune is nothing short of genius.

Where I get tripped up is in trying to explain to people what is going on. Is Kutiman a musician? Or is he a producer? Does it even matter?

We, as humans, love to classify things. Love to create order where there is none. Putting a name and a definition on something gives us the feeling that we have controlled the situation, somehow contained the chaos inherent in the universe.

It makes me wonder, are we capable of enjoying anything for the simple fact that it exists parallel to ourselves in that fleeting moment? And as new age and zen as it may sound, I believe we are not only capable, but we are at our best when we do achieve that moment.

Tagged: music, video, youtube, kutiman, and zen
07 June 2009

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