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Fanfarlo and the $1 album

Fanfarlo might be my new favorite band. Occupying a space somewhere between The National and Beirut, the music is just plain pleasant to listen to. Plus, their lead singer, Simon Balthazar, looks very similar to Ira Glass, how could they possibly fail?!


Oh, and did I mention that their debut album, Reservoir, is only $1? Yup. Marketing genius. You can buy their album through July 4th on their website for just one dollar.

This is the power of the internet. A relatively unknown band can release an album and then offer at as a loss leader for a limited time to build a base and get some buzz. I mean, I'm taking the time to write about it, aren't I? How many others are doing the same? A quick Google search shows 1,670 hits for "Fanfarlo Reservoir $1". On the first three pages, every entry is a blog post. I think their tactic is working.

Though, as my wife pointed out, it's a foregone conclusion that the band can't suck. This is true, but not as true as you would think. Because, niche as it may be, there is a market for sucky music. Remember, all it takes is 1000 true fans.

Though, these guys definitely don't suck. So I think they'll have no problem coming up with 1000. In fact, I think they'll collect quite a few more than just 1000. I believe we'll be hearing quite a bit more from Fanfarlo in the future.

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12 June 2009

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