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The Newness

Yup. I’ve gone and done it again. The site is redesigned – only this time it’s not just a redesign, I’ve combined my blog with my photography site (formerly Why, you ask? A good question.

My photography site outdates my blog by at least a few years and from the beginning I’ve always used Flash galleries to show the images. But I hate flash. I think it’s a pain to work with, a pain to use (from the casual browser’s position) and a pain when it comes to updating the photo albums. So my photography site would get updated once every year and a half or two years. Not often enough. Simply because I was too lazy to redo all the flash galleries. So there you have reason number one. Galleries without flash.

I have enjoyed writing my own personal blog (even if most of my energy is going into Beans on Tour right now), but having two separate sites to keep up and to change and update just became a chore (which is why the photography site got tossed to the wayside). So I have combined the two sites into one Wordpress installation. Now I have the ease of use and the extensibility of Wordpress and no excuses to keep both sites (which are now one) up to date. Reason number two, one site.

Reason number three is pretty trite but important. I love a good challenge. On Monday Gina and I are moving to Italy. Big change, lots to do, but I wanted to get the site updated before we arrived because I knew it would never happen otherwise. So upon arriving home from Buenos Aires last weekend I challenged myself to build a new Wordpress theme and launch the new site before we left again for Italy. Reason number three, challenge.

Ta-da. There you have it. I hope you like the new site and keep your eyes on the Galleries because I will be adding many new galleries over the course of the next month (with lots of travel shots!).

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18 February 2010

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