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Internet Curation

According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, we are creating as much information every two days as we did from the beginning of human history until 2003. Yeah, that’s a lot of shitty YouTube videos, terrible photos on Flickr and mundane, boring blog posts. Unfortunately mixed in with all that noise is a lot of beautiful, awe-inspiring and important stuff as well. The problem is how do we separate the wheat from the chaff.

As the creation of information across the internet accelerates (and don’t worry, it will keep accelerating) curation becomes more and more important. Google can do a great job of finding and indexing everything indiscriminately but when it comes down to enjoyment of the internet and theĀ disseminationĀ of timely information we need human beings to actively search out and highlight the signal from the background noise. Keep your eyes open, this will be one of the next big trends across the internet. But don’t take my word for it, Just check out these examples:

Around 25 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. It would take you approximately 1700 years to watch all those millions of videos. So good luck trying to find something worth watching on your lunch break.

Devour is here to help. Using a scientifically technologically artificially intelligently awesomely robotically humanly system (we hand-pick every video on the site), Devour sifts out the best videos and posts the well-curated collection every weekday. Fewer cute kittens, fewer skateboarding nutshots, fewer tween heart throbs, and lots more awesome.

Devour’s about us page

I believe that when people talk about solving problems with technology, what they're usually talking about is solving problems with design...which is to say, the application of psychology in a visual & functional context. I prefer red wine to white, movies to films, jeans to khakis, vanilla to chocolate, Pixar to Dreamworks, the subway to taxis, nonfiction to fiction, and Safari to Firefox.

Kottke’s about page

And just to show you what good curation can deliver, here is one of the gems on Devour right now:

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

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17 August 2010

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