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Beans on Tour: India

Gina and I spent last weekend on the couch, sick with the flu. It’s the sickest I’ve been in a long while. But the upside of all that sitting was that we were left with plenty of time to actually go through all of the footage we took with our flip mino HD while we were traveling in India during the autumn on 2009. Yeah yeah, I know, it’s been a year and a half since then. Masters of procrastination we are, but better late than never I suppose. I don’t expect that we’ll be winning any awards anytime soon for our filmmaking, but the process of digging through hours of footage to find 9 minutes of (relatively) good stuff was great fun, and a great learning experience.

A few tips

I know, there are heaps of blog posts out there with tips for making short films and on editing techniques and the rest of it and I’ve even read a lot of them but as soon as we started editing a few things immediately jumped out at me:

  1. Move the camera slowly. I was the worst at this; so much so, that most of the footage I shot was completely unusable. Move slowly, your audience will thank you.
  2. Take much longer shots that you think you want. There was a lot of decent stuff that we just couldn’t use because it was too short. A good rule of thumb is to try and give yourself 3 different usable shots each time you hit the record button.
  3. Get a camera with a wide lens. The flip is an awesome little device but I was really disappointed with how little you can actually shoot with it. It’s just too tight a shot for most travel situations. I would be interested to see a few more travel videos that were shot on something like the GoPro Hero HD with a 180ยบ field of vision.

Push through the pain

The first three minutes of our film took us eight hours to edit, the last six only took an additional two hours. Remember that you’re going to need some time to learn your tools, in our case it was iMovie 11. iMovie a great program, but it definitely takes a little while to get the hang of it. Put your time in, push through the pain and learn your editing software, it’s super worth it in the end. I know I’m much more excited about editing footage now that I’m not afraid of the software and the time that might be involved.

Without further ado

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04 March 2011

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